Travel back in time

It has been ages since i planned a family trip. And this year finally it comes true. I decided to go malacca this time. Small city, can easily do a free n easy tour on your own.

First day we reached malacca, my impression towards this city is “oldies” hahahaha.. i feel like in 70’s era. All shop houses, hotel, library and even their toilets looks like the one at my granpa house.

My dad told me he feels like going back to his youth era. Now he is in his 70’s so you know how “old” is this city look like hahaha..

This library even still have a well! Typical old houses.

Beside the hot weather and rustic iconic landmarks, we also enjoying the foods. We ate every 2-3 hours nonstop man hahahaha.. i think i grow sideways now. All the foods are cheap and good.

The satay is different here, the gravy is made from pineapple juice.

The dim sum place, look how old the table is hahahaha… and they serve the dimsum in small plates. And the shop looks damn rustic.

On our last day, i decided to tried some nyonya food from kocik kitchen. Look at the table cloth! Same as the one at my grandma’s.

And last but not least, i went to two iconic places. Well i intend to visit more but, the weather was weird that day (damn hot in the morning, heavy rain at nite). So i decided to went back hotel earlier.

Oh.. and don’t forget to take cruise tour too. It helped me to avoid the heat for a while, as well as you can enjoy scenery and take some nice video (if you able to sit in front).

If you want to go for short gateway, without worry about how to navigate around or get lost or maybe you decided to go for a food hunting or somehow you just want to experience going back to old era. This is the place you should visit hahaha..

And if you have kids, you can take this ride around the city area.

I tempted to stole someone kids to accompany me to ride this tho hahahhaa..

Malacca is such a rest after the crowds of Japan and the noisy hurry of China! Its endless afternoon remains unbroken except by the dreamy, colored, slow-moving Malay life which passes below the hill. There is never any hurry or noise. -isabella bird


Chasing rainbows

Honestly this was my first hiking to climb mountain to see waterfall out of Singapore. Ok i admit, the reason why i join this hike is not coz of the scenery but it bcoz of one of the itinerary is to eat roast pork and chasiew hahahhaha…

Well, my expectation this is going to be an easy peasy hike since it says for beginner. So i am quite confident that i will be able to surpass any obstacles hahaha.

So, friday nite we departed from singapore. Reached kuantan around 5am on Saturday.

At 6 am after breakfast we ride a 4 wheel drive. It’s a breezy morning, with lotsa ups and down. My butt flew ups and downs many times during the journey since the roads are very bumpy.

After about 45 min journey we reach the starting point. The first challenge is to cross the river! You need a really good core strength and also good at balancing yourself. For me, after crossing this river my whole body and legs shaking like mad.

With my legs still shaking, i still need to hike 45 min up to reach the top of the waterfall. Dieeeeeee… hahaha..what a challenge just to eat roast pork for dinner man! Hahaha.. I don’t have any photo of the trail, coz i try to concentrate thinkin of my goal (roast pork) and ends this hiking for good. Here one stock shot that i took about half of my journey to the top.

When i realise i just half journey up, and another half awaits me. Suddenly i told myself “the roast pork better be super duper good!”.

After finally reach the top, i saw the double rainbow, what a beautiful nature phenomenon.

My friend took this photo, since i decided to just enjoy this beautiful view. God really a magnificent creator doesn’t he? After WOW-ing this scenic view around 15 min,now we need to climb down this mountain and cross that river back! Oh man…

Finally after we survive climbing down and another bumpy roads journey back! We are able to checkin to our hotel, had a shower and go for roast pork and dinner! Yay!!!!

Verdict: the roast pork so yummy. It’s worth every calories after a long hike up and down hahahhaha.

While enjoying dinner my guide say: “tomorrow will be another challenge. We will climb hundreds of stairs!” Holy moly!!!

So, again i hope tomorrow never come, but it apparently come hahaha.. 5am we start our journey to climb the stairs. This time we chasing sunrise. I feel this time not as hard as yesterday tho. But it’s quite an exercise for your leg.

After reaching the top and wait around 30min, finally we able to see the sunrise.

Do you know what cross my mind when i sat there and wait?

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own – matt 6:34

It really felt that way, when you sit down there in total darkness and slowly see the sun rises and brighten your world. It’s like another brand new day has come! Another new day, another new hope!

And we ended this hike by visiting the last waterfall for a swim

This trip did teach me two lessons:

– in hiking it’s not only about how fit you are, but it also train your endurance level.

– don’t be too worry on tomorrow’s uncertainties. It will be taken care of tomorrow not today!

Well, overall I am satisfied and glad that i decided to went for this trip. I able to discover things that i need to improve to be a better hiker hahaha..

Until the next hiking trip guys! Adios!

Location: rainbow waterfall, kuantan, malaysia

Mangrove walk

The weather nowdays is unpredictable. It’s rain in the morning, and super duper hot in the  afternoon.

I am prepared to get sunburnt today, since i am going to explore pasir ris park magrove in a damn hot weather today. Luckily the weather suddenly change to cloudy with no chance of rain. Yay!

As expected alot of mangrove here

Once we enter the mangrove walk. The surrounding make you feel peaceful. You can hear bird, grasshopper and all the other creatures they creates all the nature song. It’s so surreal.

We continue our journey to a deeper area inside the mangrove. And we found lotsa holes. All these piles of mud with holes is where the crabs lives 

Are you able to spot the crab? I am using my camera phone, so can’t really capture very sharp photo.

Out from the mangrove park we walk to the sea side. The weather is really nice today. We sit on the sea side for a while. Enjoying the sea breeze. I feel so peaceful here. My new fave place for stoning. Hahaha..

Besides bird watching, people watching, crab watching. Look what i found here! Orange lizard!

After almost 2 hour walk. We decided to end our exploration. But before that let’s take a selfie hahaha..

My face damn oily here. Coz eventho not so hot today, it’s still damn humid.

If you want to have a bit of exercise, enjoying sea breeze, learning about mangrove creatures, or simply just need a place to stoned. I recommend this park hahaha.. 

Always remember this quote:

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles – Mary Davis

Mural art discovery

A month ago i sign up a meetup group that have lotsa activity on exploring places around singapore. 

To be honest eventho i have been living here for more than 5 years, i seldom explore this city. First reason coz of the weather it’s too hot to do all sort of outdoor activities. Second reason coz i prefer to be inside an aircon room hahaha.

But i really interested in this mural and heritage walk, so i built all my courage up to beat the heat that day.

So we start from little india and end our trip at lavender near kampong glam. 

I never expect to see lotsa beautiful mural art along the way, and to discover many interesting art at little india and kampong glam area.

Below are all the mural art that we found aroud kampong glam area.

This is one of my fave, looks like 3D photo taken from the top of the cafe. 

Below are some mural art that we discover along little india.

Another one of my fave mural art at little india. Hahahaha you can take funny pose with this boy.

Last but not least, this one is not a mural art but more on some deco outside the hotel.

Hahahhaha …  this dog pose is cute rite? 

If you really not afraid to get tanned  and have interest on mural art. Do try this out! It’s a fun walk and also burnt calories (5 km walk ).

Some referece:

To judge,or to be judge

I dunno why tonite i keep thinking of this quote:

Never judge a book by it’s cover


Couple days ago i started to download some dating app HAHAHAHA (don’t judge). Partially because i am bored and also coz my friends said i am not that young anymore. So yeah..finally i am into this virtual matchmaking,meet and greet session with strangers (lol).

When I start chatting with bunch of strangers, i realize there are some types of people.(based on the opening message to you)

1. a person that think status and wealth is damn important.And wanna know if you are in the same level as them, or maybe to make you think “wow a good catch”

2. a person that has no status or wealth.Usually won’t be very direct or boastful when talking to you.

3.a person that know exactly what he want and just be direct to you. take it or leave it kind.

Well i am not really sure if this virtual things will works.Coz knowing someone need some kinda process,not an instant judgement just within a few sentence. And i don’t think status and wealth alone is enuff for you to decide that he/she is the one.

I believed who you truly are as a person is way more important than anything else. 

Don’t trapped your mind into certain stereotypes that will blinded you into seeing good side of others.

Free and good really exist?

Chinese new year hip is over. Time passed damn fast, and i haven’t even plan my next trip. Actually i plan to go mellaca next week but guess passport going to expired in june.zzzzz..

Well, since i can’t travel far i guess i should find other alternative like… a cheap or free city tour. 

Last year, i have tried one free city tour. To be honest i am just picked this up randomly, since it’s free and i got nothing todo i choose URA gallery tour and clan visit. 

Never set my expectation high, but overall i think it’s good lifetime experience. If you have some free time in Singapore with tight budget, you can consider this option hahahahha..

Stepping into URA gallery itself, i learn a lot of things about singapore. A lot of reclaimed land here tho hahaha.. i may visit this gallery on my own next time to slowly browse each section inside the gallery, as well as look closely into the 3D city model below

the guide said i can find my house printed inside the 3D model there.

After briefly browsed the URA Gallery,we hop into the bus (again it’s free!) for clans visiting. I am always happy when i hear something free tho hahaha..Hearing the word “clan” my impression is something like fist of fury movie kind of clan with lotsa kungfu disciples and their master, aka lotsa hunk men.hehehehe… Well, far from what i imagine, no hunk spotted (sad).

Inside the clan itself they have many activities such as wushu, lion dance group, they also have opera group. It’s a very oldies feeling inside the clan itself. the chairs is like the one i saw in kung fu master movie!

imagining myself as a lion dancer.(lol) way to go gurl..way to go…dream on!!

look at this old chairs. Feels like in wong fei hung era.

And these all their lion dance equipments. If you visit singapore during CNY, you might be able to see lion dance performance at taka or esplanade.

we are so lucky, we are able to see the rehearsal of their opera team.

And look what i found here !!!

Actually, i want to take photo with this pose so, i look like donnie yen in ip man movie, but i shy hahahhaa 

My new year resolutions this year is to travel more, try something new and be a better me compare to last year. Also to many more FOC city tour this year hahahahaha.. 

To travel or to escape?

Gosh it’s been a while since my latest post in March. Now,it’s already last month of 2016. I should start making my 2016 caleidoscope.

NAH!! I will save that for later.HAHAHAHA

Today, I will share my traveling stories. I went to two places this time. Well, I travel more than last year, I admit. But as a quote say:

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

i can’t agree more to this. Traveling  is an eye opener to your soul. It introduce you to a new culture, experience,knowledge,history and also adventures. HAHAHA..

in April this year I went to Korea, reason wise to see cherry blossoms. To be honest, this is my first time seeing it in real life,I have saw it many times on TV tho.

I must admit, it feels different when you are standing there and see those trees. I am amazed, when I saw flowers on a tree. AMAZING!

I can’t describe how magical it was, to sit under a cherry blossom tree when the wind blows. Pooff!! Mind blowing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some photos that I took. Amazing isn’t it?

The second trip I went to Bali. Yeah, I know you guys maybe have been there many times. But this is also again my virgin trip. Ok, don’t judge, I know this sounds weird,but you will want to go as far as possible first rather than to go to the nearer one first rite,no? Fine!

One thing that i remember the most about Bali was, the damn hot weather! Seriously it’s damn hot, hotter than Jakarta. Within 5min after I step out from the car, I will look like a person that just caught in a heavy rain!

This is also my first time sitting on a motorcycle for a long ride. Honestly, I can’t cycle, so yeah you know… first time you feel the real pain in da ass, get scolded coz I dunno where to put my feet properly HAHAHHAA. And of course the beautiful beaches

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We went to devil tears, tambak rumput laut, and some other beaches. And also eat at one high class restaurant.

If you guys like sand, sea, sun,beaches. Looking at hot  babes in bikini while suntanning. Booked a flight to Bali now!!

By traveling i saw so many God amazing artwork.

Always remember this:

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

So, don’t you travel in expectation to escape from reality, but travel to enrich your soul.