To judge,or to be judge

I dunno why tonite i keep thinking of this quote:

Never judge a book by it’s cover


Couple days ago i started to download some dating app HAHAHAHA (don’t judge). Partially because i am bored and also coz my friends said i am not that young anymore. So yeah..finally i am into this virtual matchmaking,meet and greet session with strangers (lol).

When I start chatting with bunch of strangers, i realize there are some types of people.(based on the opening message to you)

1. a person that think status and wealth is damn important.And wanna know if you are in the same level as them, or maybe to make you think “wow a good catch”

2. a person that has no status or wealth.Usually won’t be very direct or boastful when talking to you.

3.a person that know exactly what he want and just be direct to you. take it or leave it kind.

Well i am not really sure if this virtual things will works.Coz knowing someone need some kinda process,not an instant judgement just within a few sentence. And i don’t think status and wealth alone is enuff for you to decide that he/she is the one.

I believed who you truly are as a person is way more important than anything else. 

Don’t trapped your mind into certain stereotypes that will blinded you into seeing good side of others.

Free and good really exist?

Chinese new year hip is over. Time passed damn fast, and i haven’t even plan my next trip. Actually i plan to go mellaca next week but guess passport going to expired in june.zzzzz..

Well, since i can’t travel far i guess i should find other alternative like… a cheap or free city tour. 

Last year, i have tried one free city tour. To be honest i am just picked this up randomly, since it’s free and i got nothing todo i choose URA gallery tour and clan visit. 

Never set my expectation high, but overall i think it’s good lifetime experience. If you have some free time in Singapore with tight budget, you can consider this option hahahahha..

Stepping into URA gallery itself, i learn a lot of things about singapore. A lot of reclaimed land here tho hahaha.. i may visit this gallery on my own next time to slowly browse each section inside the gallery, as well as look closely into the 3D city model below

the guide said i can find my house printed inside the 3D model there.

After briefly browsed the URA Gallery,we hop into the bus (again it’s free!) for clans visiting. I am always happy when i hear something free tho hahaha..Hearing the word “clan” my impression is something like fist of fury movie kind of clan with lotsa kungfu disciples and their master, aka lotsa hunk men.hehehehe… Well, far from what i imagine, no hunk spotted (sad).

Inside the clan itself they have many activities such as wushu, lion dance group, they also have opera group. It’s a very oldies feeling inside the clan itself. the chairs is like the one i saw in kung fu master movie!

imagining myself as a lion dancer.(lol) way to go gurl..way to go…dream on!!

look at this old chairs. Feels like in wong fei hung era.

And these all their lion dance equipments. If you visit singapore during CNY, you might be able to see lion dance performance at taka or esplanade.

we are so lucky, we are able to see the rehearsal of their opera team.

And look what i found here !!!

Actually, i want to take photo with this pose so, i look like donnie yen in ip man movie, but i shy hahahhaa 

My new year resolutions this year is to travel more, try something new and be a better me compare to last year. Also to many more FOC city tour this year hahahahaha.. 

To travel or to escape?

Gosh it’s been a while since my latest post in March. Now,it’s already last month of 2016. I should start making my 2016 caleidoscope.

NAH!! I will save that for later.HAHAHAHA

Today, I will share my traveling stories. I went to two places this time. Well, I travel more than last year, I admit. But as a quote say:

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

i can’t agree more to this. Traveling  is an eye opener to your soul. It introduce you to a new culture, experience,knowledge,history and also adventures. HAHAHA..

in April this year I went to Korea, reason wise to see cherry blossoms. To be honest, this is my first time seeing it in real life,I have saw it many times on TV tho.

I must admit, it feels different when you are standing there and see those trees. I am amazed, when I saw flowers on a tree. AMAZING!

I can’t describe how magical it was, to sit under a cherry blossom tree when the wind blows. Pooff!! Mind blowing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some photos that I took. Amazing isn’t it?

The second trip I went to Bali. Yeah, I know you guys maybe have been there many times. But this is also again my virgin trip. Ok, don’t judge, I know this sounds weird,but you will want to go as far as possible first rather than to go to the nearer one first rite,no? Fine!

One thing that i remember the most about Bali was, the damn hot weather! Seriously it’s damn hot, hotter than Jakarta. Within 5min after I step out from the car, I will look like a person that just caught in a heavy rain!

This is also my first time sitting on a motorcycle for a long ride. Honestly, I can’t cycle, so yeah you know… first time you feel the real pain in da ass, get scolded coz I dunno where to put my feet properly HAHAHHAA. And of course the beautiful beaches

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We went to devil tears, tambak rumput laut, and some other beaches. And also eat at one high class restaurant.

If you guys like sand, sea, sun,beaches. Looking at hot  babes in bikini while suntanning. Booked a flight to Bali now!!

By traveling i saw so many God amazing artwork.

Always remember this:

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

So, don’t you travel in expectation to escape from reality, but travel to enrich your soul.





Be Thankful

On my way home, i passed thru quite roads and alley. My mind start to ponder again about why i am here in this world, and i start remembering my ex-boss advise about a big rock in the middle of the road story.


Side track a bit, my ex-boss ever advise me this story when i am giving him my resignation letter, he said you should overcome that rock, not stop and turn back. I still remember i told him that i am not turning back, instead i am walk around it. (HAHAHAHA). Anyway, i am not sure why suddenly i remembered his words. And i start pondering about my life, things that i haven’t achieved, all the dreams, goals and may things that i haven’t achieved and keep counting until…


I saw this old woman pushing a cart, she is so old. From her appearance seems that she is not from middle class group of people, which has enough money to support herself. As i passed her, i ask myself this question “Have i ever been grateful enough on what i have now?”


Again, as i walk passed the bus stop near my house, i saw a couple quarreling. The woman shouted to the man “don’t ever you remember anything about me, my birthday, ANYTHING”. As i passed by them i was thinking “Maybe being single is not that bad after all, well at least you won’t have relationship issues” (well, of course for now :p).


And finally, in front of my block before i turn in to my apartment, i saw all these road workers, fixing the road and it’s already 7.30pm. They working hour sucks and work under the sun!! This make me ponder “i still have an office job, inside aircon room and maybe not really need to OT everyday”


Well, after all maybe i should be more grateful on what i have. Even if it’s not as what i dream or wish. And life is not all about hitting your target or achievement. Coz human will never be satisfied. After you achieved what is in your list, you will have another wishlist to achieve. Crazy rite?


If you live only to keep achieving, when can you find the true happiness? Be grateful of what you have, treasure what you already have and be proud of what you have been done.


So when you turn your head back to the past, you can smile and says “Thank you God for all of this, You have used me right”





Not meant to L.O.V.E

I doubt myself that i will ever know what love is, and i am preparing for it, the ugliest truth that i might need to face one day (sobs). Actually does this really bothers me? i am not sure now, what i always tell myself or any singles out there is to keep on praying, keep faith,keep your positive mind, be confident and love yourself.


Sometimes when i saw a man trying to get a stranger(girl) phone number, usually the woman is slim, pretty and sexy. Deep inside me, i am telling myself, this things won’t ever happen to you. Your not slim, pretty and sexy, no one will have any interest in you. Yeah i know right, very contradicting with what i just said just now. I don’t have positive mind, confident and i don’t think i love myself, in the other hand, i just being ignorance and acts really cool. People even thought that i don’t need love. (sobs again)


Well… end 2015 is an eye opener for me. Even i am still single now, but it makes me realize that all these years i am not really appreciate myself or even accept myself as what i am (which i always say i do). To be honest, i never expect a romantic K-drama scene might happen in real live, or a stranger will ask my phone number. But yeah it happens, and it happens twice. (hohoho).. And it even happen when i am just being me (sloppy hair, bermuda shorts, t-shirt, and sandals)


Thanks God. You send that two strangers, even maybe they are not the one. But, thru them You have slapped me hard and taught me to be confident, happy and love myself more.

When you are able to love yourself, you will open doors of opportunities to love and to be loved.






Hello 2015

I know it’s a bit too late to write a blog about my plans for 2015. But i am writing this not to creating plans, instead to thanks 2014 and do self reflection.

I can say 2014 is not a smooth journey, lotsa turbulence, problems and emotional conflicts but i am survived. What i have learned from last year is i should be more patience, wiser and more confidence of myself. Not only confidence of my own ability, but confidence of being me.

And maybe i should do some other new things, exposed myself on some new stuff, And be ready on everything that will come along this year.

A reminder to myself to live my life on a way i wanted to, not on the way the other people want to.


My Type of Guy

Since 10 years ago people sometimes asking me. What type of guy i like? my friends always asking me this question, my aunts and uncles too. To all of them i always answer what mostly girls will answer: handsome, tall, a bit muscular body, kind, and if he is rich then it’s an extra for me. But when you ask me to list out the specification, i will stumble into no-answer. ahahaa…


To be honest, i dunno what type of guy i like, instead i always question myself, who will ever love me? Sometimes i think maybe i won’t know what is love, how to be love and how to loved. I am not giving up on love, to be honest i haven’t even started how can i give up when i not even started, yet?


Two days when my friends comment out about “he is not handsome” for one actor in a tv series that i watch, somehow i get reminded again on what type of guy i like. What make him “handsome”? I realize actually it’s not all about his looks, or his body or coz he is rich but something else. For 10 years i try to find an answer for the type of guy i will like and i realize that actually my preference is not physical. I admit that he should be somehow presentable but the most important things are he must understand you, love you, and always be someone that you can lean on whenever you need to rest your head after a long run at work and when you with him you don’t have to be ashame to be who you are.


I know this is a bit cliche, since i still trying to figure this out. But at least i have clearer understanding of with whom i want to spent my life with.